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24 Hour Emergency Fuel Service


   Emergency Fuel Service
   Disaster Relief
   24 Hour Emergency Delivery - Diesel and #2 Heating Oil
   Serving All of Long Island
   Certified Meters, round the clock service

Hurricanes, Blackouts, Snow Storms, Blizzard conditions.

Long Island has experienced record business losses due to major storms and weather conditions and the fuel shortages that always result when disaster strikes. If your company is one of the businesses that has been impacted, JFO Emergency Fuel Service is here to help you to continue business as usual the next time around, through our Emergency Fuel Service and Disaster Relief fuel programs.

Scenario: Your drivers need to deliver, but your trucks are out of fuel. We can get you the fuel you need to keep your fleet on the road.

Scenario: Your generators are low on fuel. Perishables MUST be kept frozen. And you need onsite delivery now. We’ve got you covered.

Scenario: You THOUGHT your regular contract with your regular oil company would cover you when you needed service most. Sadly, during the last emergency, you found out you were wrong.

Sound familiar? No matter what the scenario, we have the solution. John’s Fuel Oil has been serving the Long Island community for more than 25 years, and our dedicated JFO EMERGENCY FUEL SERVICE can give you the peace of mind that your business can go on, no matter what the weather or circumstances. With trained personnel, certified metered trucks, and huge in-stock quantities, our disaster recovery team has you covered. Whether you need us to come to you, or if you want to have your trucks refuel at our facility, relief is just one phone call away.

In the past two years, Long Island has experienced two hurricanes, a behemoth blizzard, and millions of dollars in business revenues lost because Long Island businesses were not prepared for the significant delays and emergency situations that resulted. Take steps today to insure that your business is prepared for a fuel emergency tomorrow. Call us now at (631) 475.8996. And get the peace of mind that JFO EMERGENCY FUEL SERVICE can provide. Annual contracts available.

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